Looking For Senior Group Homes In Dallas TX?

If your loved one is struggling with taking care of themselves and doing everyday tasks, there are many senior care options out there, but which one is best for your loved one? If your family member wants a quiet, intimate, and private environment, senior group homes in Dallas Texas may be the best option.

Senior group homes, also called residential care or personal care homes, are private residences where multiple unrelated seniors live. This type of assisted living is for seniors who need assistance in daily living activities.

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Boutique Assisted Living in Manchester Care Homes

If you are searching for Senior Group Homes in the Dallas area, Manchester Care Homes is the answer. We are a boutique assisted living provider offering personalized, industry-leading care in a residential setting since 2009. Our four houses in the Dallas area provide continuous and compassionate care to meet the physical and emotional needs so residents can be independent. Our warm, inviting, and purposefully-built care homes are a safe, and familiar home-like environment.

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What Services Are Provided in Senior Group Homes?

Our Group Homes are ideal for seniors who can live somewhat independently but still require some assistance. Seniors who need help with daily activities such as meals, medication management, bathing, dressing, or transportation or those with limiting physical conditions receive personalized care in a residential setting. We can help you determine the right time for your loved one to transition to assisted living care.

  • Personal care
  • Social and recreational activities
  • 24-hour supervision
  • Medication Management
  • Meals
This senior care option is more affordable than a nursing home or traditional assisted living homes.

How is it Different From Other Types of Senior Care?

Residential senior care homes are more intimate and ideal for seniors who don’t do well in large group settings. Senior care runs the gamut from home care to nursing homes. The different terminology used to describe the various senior care homes can be confusing.  The main difference between the different types of senior care is the level of care provided. Here are the other options:

In-Home Care, Dallas TX

Home care is a good option for seniors who can carry out everyday tasks without much difficulty, but may need some services. Often, a family member arranges for home care visits for their loved ones when they are unavailable or lack the expertise to provide care. Home care involves a professional caregiver going to a client’s home. The caregiver can be at the house for a few hours a week or around the clock.

Retirement Communities

Retirement communities offer separate, independent housing for their residents. These are also called independent living facilities. These facilities are for seniors who can do daily tasks without difficulty. Similar to apartment or condominium complexes, each residence is self-contained. Many retirement communities are secure and gated and offer community pools, recreation and event rooms, and community activities.

Assisted Living Care Homes

Assisted living care homes help residents age in place through the provision of various levels of care. Residents in assisted living communities have private rooms, a bathroom, and a small kitchen. Senior group homes are also a form of an assisted living care home. These are often in houses where residents can have their own bedroom. The kitchen, living areas, and sometimes the bathrooms can be shared. In larger assisted living care homes where residents have a variety of care needs, on-site skilled nurses are available to help residents who require more than standard assisted living care. Assisted living care homes, which include group homes, are regulated and licensed on the state level, not on a federal level like nursing homes. Assisted living care homes provide more skilled medical care than an independent living community, but less than a nursing home. 

Assisted living care homes usually include the following services:

  • On-site trained staff available around the clock
  • Household chores
  • Medication management
  • Bathing assistance
  • Dressing
  • Meal and activity escorts
  • Toileting
  • Injections by an RN
  • On-site exercise rooms or beauty parlors
  • Shared kitchens, dining rooms, and lounging areas
  • ADA compliant hallways, doors, kitchens, and bathrooms

Manchester senior care homes, for example, the assisted living If you’re looking for group homes for your loved one, Manchester senior care homes offer nutritious meals, social activities, light and bright ADA-compliant bathrooms, and a safe, home-like environment. 

Nursing Home

Nursing homes are multi-housing care homes that offer residents private rooms that can be rented or bought. The home provides meals, recreational activities, and hospital or health care. These care homes are regulated on the federal, not state level and have requirements that are more stringent. Additionally, nursing homes are the most expensive care options. Nursing homes are for seniors requiring the highest level of skilled medical care. Nursing homes have 24/7 on-site medical monitoring equipment, and nurses to provide care. 

What to Expect in Senior Group Homes?

Seniors moving to group homes can expect an individualized service plan to meet their healthcare and lifestyle needs. We provide the comfort and independence of a unique residence with the safety and security of round-the-clock personal care support.

During your stay, you’ll have access to many benefits, including:

assisted living facilities

Assistance with daily living

medicare administration

Medication management

are senior group homes in dallas, tx a good fit for your loved one? 1

Easy access to medical professionals

a relatively low staff-to-resident ratio

Supervision and assistance

quality of food

Specialized meal plans

are senior group homes in dallas, tx a good fit for your loved one? 2

Private living quarters

are senior group homes in dallas, tx a good fit for your loved one? 3

Unrestricted visitation

are senior group homes in dallas, tx a good fit for your loved one? 4

Recreational programs

What Makes Us Different?

As a company, Manchester Care Homes strive to go beyond typical senior group homes in Texas. Here are some things that set us apart:

  • We offer non-institutionalized residential luxury care
  • Our houses and business are privately and locally owned and operated
  • Our owners and operators are in charge, not a large corporation
  • Our staff are full-time W-2 employees, not contractors

A Dallas senior group home is a good option for your loved one that provides intermediate medical care in an intimate, home-like setting. Contact us at Manchester Care Homes today to learn more about how we can serve your loved 

Contact Manchester Care Homes Today

If you are considering senior group homes for your loved one, we will provide you with the information and guidance you need to help you decide if assisted living is a good option for them. Contact us at 972-423-3600 or fill out our online form for more information on our assisted living care homes in Dallas, TX, or schedule a tour. We look forward to helping you find and settle into your new home.

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What our Happy Customers Say

joyce logan
Joyce Logan
04:31 01 Dec 18
Manchester Care Homes provides a uniquely excellent living environment for seniors. All 4 homes are custom/purpose built. Their caregivers are CNAs and are full-time employees. The home-like setting makes a much nicer, non-institutional environment for seniors to age in place.Manchester is family owned and operated that takes such care and pride in assuring that their business is run to the highest stands.With the low resident to caregiver ratios and locally based, hands-on owners/management, Manchester is able to offer a level of care that is second to none.I know when I refer clients that they will get excellent care and treated like family. It’s also comforting to know that I will get prompt responses and answers from employee Brian Levy. He makes it easy to work with Manchester Place.Joyce Logan from Ruby Care Senior Living Advisorsread more
toni groselle
Toni Groselle
23:19 12 Sep 18
Great option for Seniors and their loved ones. Beautiful homes with experienced staff. They go above and beyond for each resident.read more
sam osteen
02:17 06 Jun 17
I moved my 100 year old mother in law to Manchester Place 6 months ago from her own home. She enjoys the company of the other 7 residents. The small group home is good for her hearing problem. The staff is very patient and attentive with her dementia.read more
mark newcomer
mark newcomer
14:38 28 Mar 17
I’m so glad that I found a home for my mother that provides such wonderful individualized care. The staff is great and very responsive. The environment is calming and I am so relieved to know that all of her needs are being addressed.read more
matt prescott
Matt Prescott
18:09 05 Oct 16
My family had a great experience at Manchester Place with not 1, but 2 of my grandmothers. Both my mom’s mother and father’s mother lived in different Manchester Place homes. The personalized care they received is unparalleled to any other facility we tried before we were able to get them in to Manchester Place. In fact, my mother still keeps in touch with many of the staff there as the family developed strong bonds with the exceptional people taking care of our loved ones. There were many activities, family events, & holiday celebrations. The staff always made sure the residents were in the best of spirits. Management is fantastic at Manchester. I personally visited my grandmothers on many occasions, often weekly. I noticed the ownership is engaged and cares about its residents. I also noticed management is always teaching their employees and making them better caretakers for the residents. This always let me know my grandmothers were in the right place. The homes are beautiful and updated with amenities to accommodate the elderly. I know I would be very lucky myself to live in a Manchester Place home when the time comes.read more
ann kibler
Ann Kibler
21:13 20 Sep 16
Manchester Place took exceptional care of my Mother for over 6 years until her passing. They are all caring, loving and very dedicated to their mission. Also, they serve nutritious, delicious meals prepared fresh daily. I am so thankful to have found them and for my Mother to have been taken care of by such a compassionate group of fine people whom I now consider as part of my extended family.read more
brian levy
Brian Levy
19:10 02 Sep 16
My grandmother lived at Manchester Place for more than four years. During that time, I always felt that she was safe and secure, and that she felt at home. She was cared for with loving attention by skilled and knowledgeable caregivers who ultimately became like family to all of us. Caring for an elderly person is customized depending on their needs and challenging depending on their temperament. Manchester surpassed our expectations across the boards! I would recommend them without hesitation.read more
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