Assisted Living Facilities in Dallas TX

If you are searching for the best assisted living facilities in the Dallas TX area with the comfort of a home environment, Manchester Place Care Homes is the answer. We have treated our residents like family since our doors opened in 2009 and focus solely on providing them the care, comfort, and attention they need to thrive.

Families trust Manchester Assisted Living because we’re local, not a franchise or large corporation. Boutique Assisted Living Offering personalized care in a residential setting. 4 locations in Dallas, including North Dallas, Northwood Hills, Preston Hollow, and White Rock/Casa Linda.

What kind of home care do we provide in our assisted living facilities?

Manchester caters to high need residents that most assisted living facilities are not able to care for.  We are very selective regarding whom we accept into the homes, and do a very thorough assessment on all potential residents to better understand their needs and also to be sure that they will thrive in a residential setting.  The owners, medical director and director of care then meet to discuss the level of care required for your loved one and create a care plan. Manchester caters to all levels of need and we allow our residents to age in place.

Our staff is trained to deal with agitated residents. In the event that a resident becomes agitated, our staff will immediately take steps to identify and rectify the cause of agitation, to de-escalate tension and create a safe and calm environment. Each staff member supports a maximum of five residents at a time. Boutique assisted living specializing in high acuity residents to age with dignity in a home setting.

best assisted living facilities in dallas tx


What Assisted living facilities do Manchester offer under Monthly Price?

Our Director of Care meets individually with prospective clients to determine the level of care required. The results of that assessment will determine the cost of care. The level of care is evaluated annually or when there is a material change in the resident’s condition.

Our monthly fee includes all medication management, meals, showers, toileting, transfers and ambulation, laundry service, room cleaning, television, utilities and basic cable.

While we are happy to assist your family in securing VA and long-term care benefits, the family/resident is responsible for timely payment of all fees to Manchester.

What isn’t include under Monthly pricing?

Incontinence supplies, personal grooming supplies, medication, private caregivers, supplemental nutrition (Boost/Ensure), pressure pads, personal phones, linens and clothing are among the items which are not provided by Manchester. We are happy to assist our residents to source and procure these items, and pass the costs directly through to our residents.

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