Looking For Senior Care Homes in Dallas, TX?

According to the latest census, seniors comprise about 11% of Dallas county’s population. The figures of people over 65 living in the county had risen by approximately 40% from the previous census. With this surge in mind, there is a higher demand for the best care homes in Dallas, TX. If you need to relocate yourself or a family member to a care home, here is what you should know.

What Situations Require Relocation to a Care Home in Dallas, TX?

Memory disorders are common among the older population. Unfortunately, numerous risk factors could potentially trigger memory issues at some point in human life. The stressors may advance in age, primarily due to the significant ongoing loss in capabilities to do simple tasks or decline of functional ability.

When these significant changes occur in a person’s life, they are forced to rely on others for routine activities such as cooking, laundry, housekeeping, and even regular medication. Since busy schedules may limit the quality of care and attention devoted to an elderly family member, this creates the need for specialized care that you can only access in the best care home in Dallas, TX.

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Boutique Assisted Living in Manchester Care Homes

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What Should You Look for in a Dallas Care Home?

As you search for a care home for you or your loved one, you must ensure that it will feel like a home away from home. You or your loved one should feel comfortable and safe and trust that the home will deliver the best care. The following are some crucial factors that must feature on your checklist.

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Online Medicare Ratings and Reviews

Online reviews give you a visual image of what to expect from the first-hand experiences of previous patients or their family members.

quality of food

Food Quality

Excellent nutrition is a significant part of health restoration-both mental and physical. Therefore, ensuring that the care home serves adequate, healthy, and nutritious meals is vital.

a relatively low staff-to-resident ratio

Quality Staffing

The care home should have high-quality caregivers who can provide professional care and prioritize improving the patient’s quality of life. From certified nurses to specialized physicians and family counselors, the staff should complement each other toward dispensing the best care.

medicare administration

Medicare administration

Ensure that relocating does not interfere with your medications by asking for assisted Medicare plans if you or your loved ones are under any.

accessibility for those with physical disabilities

Handicap Accessibility

The care home should be wheelchair accessible for the residents or elderly persons to be relocated and potential visitors.

assisted living facilities

Care Level

The care home should explore a holistic approach while providing medical care by offering residents complementary services such as assisted nursing care and physical therapy.

Meet the Premiere Dallas Boutique Elderly Home Community:
Manchester Care Homes

Manchester Care Homes boasts over ten years of experience in the caregiving industry. It is one of the most remarkable elderly homes in Dallas, TX, due to its intimate assisted living services. Thanks to this notable reputation, it serves most neighborhoods in Dallas and the surrounding environs. We also take pride in our integrated social networks, which make it easier for patients to adapt and enjoy the environment.

Manchester's Community Approach and Passionate Care Set Us Apart

We appreciate the importance of developing a sense of belonging; thus, we have created a community that shares the same language and works tirelessly to speak to the needs of the elderly in Dallas, TX. As soon as you or your loved ones move in, you will be assigned a qualified and friendly caregiver dedicated to providing the necessary care for a better experience. Our goal is to make residents feel safe and vibrant. We also allow unlimited visits from family and friends whenever the schedule permits to help our patients maintain these vital relationships.

Get in Touch with Manchester Care
Homes Today

We acknowledge that relocating an elderly family member can be challenging and emotionally daunting. However, we make the process easier on you by empowering you to inform your decision when looking for the best care home in Dallas, TX. Our professionals are here to streamline the process and help you find the best place for your loved ones. Contact us today to learn more about our services and why you should choose us. We guarantee the best care and a haven for your loved ones.

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What our Happy Customers Say

joyce logan
Joyce Logan
04:31 01 Dec 18
Manchester Care Homes provides a uniquely excellent living environment for seniors. All 4 homes are custom/purpose built. Their caregivers are CNAs and are full-time employees. The home-like setting makes a much nicer, non-institutional environment for seniors to age in place.Manchester is family owned and operated that takes such care and pride in assuring that their business is run to the highest stands.With the low resident to caregiver ratios and locally based, hands-on owners/management, Manchester is able to offer a level of care that is second to none.I know when I refer clients that they will get excellent care and treated like family. It’s also comforting to know that I will get prompt responses and answers from employee Brian Levy. He makes it easy to work with Manchester Place.Joyce Logan from Ruby Care Senior Living Advisorsread more
toni groselle
Toni Groselle
23:19 12 Sep 18
Great option for Seniors and their loved ones. Beautiful homes with experienced staff. They go above and beyond for each resident.read more
sam osteen
02:17 06 Jun 17
I moved my 100 year old mother in law to Manchester Place 6 months ago from her own home. She enjoys the company of the other 7 residents. The small group home is good for her hearing problem. The staff is very patient and attentive with her dementia.read more
mark newcomer
mark newcomer
14:38 28 Mar 17
I’m so glad that I found a home for my mother that provides such wonderful individualized care. The staff is great and very responsive. The environment is calming and I am so relieved to know that all of her needs are being addressed.read more
matt prescott
Matt Prescott
18:09 05 Oct 16
My family had a great experience at Manchester Place with not 1, but 2 of my grandmothers. Both my mom’s mother and father’s mother lived in different Manchester Place homes. The personalized care they received is unparalleled to any other facility we tried before we were able to get them in to Manchester Place. In fact, my mother still keeps in touch with many of the staff there as the family developed strong bonds with the exceptional people taking care of our loved ones. There were many activities, family events, & holiday celebrations. The staff always made sure the residents were in the best of spirits. Management is fantastic at Manchester. I personally visited my grandmothers on many occasions, often weekly. I noticed the ownership is engaged and cares about its residents. I also noticed management is always teaching their employees and making them better caretakers for the residents. This always let me know my grandmothers were in the right place. The homes are beautiful and updated with amenities to accommodate the elderly. I know I would be very lucky myself to live in a Manchester Place home when the time comes.read more
ann kibler
Ann Kibler
21:13 20 Sep 16
Manchester Place took exceptional care of my Mother for over 6 years until her passing. They are all caring, loving and very dedicated to their mission. Also, they serve nutritious, delicious meals prepared fresh daily. I am so thankful to have found them and for my Mother to have been taken care of by such a compassionate group of fine people whom I now consider as part of my extended family.read more
brian levy
Brian Levy
19:10 02 Sep 16
My grandmother lived at Manchester Place for more than four years. During that time, I always felt that she was safe and secure, and that she felt at home. She was cared for with loving attention by skilled and knowledgeable caregivers who ultimately became like family to all of us. Caring for an elderly person is customized depending on their needs and challenging depending on their temperament. Manchester surpassed our expectations across the boards! I would recommend them without hesitation.read more
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