How Manchester Care Homes Keep Residents COVID Free and In Touch

Cambridge Caregivers actively engaged clients talking frequently to loved ones and friends on social media throughout the entire shut-down. We are talking seniors and others you would not normally think of as being glued to social media. But who says social media is just for the young?

“We saw a need for a full time Director of Engagement staff position to assist every single resident with their communication needs,” says founder and CEO Adam Lampert. “It has been so successful and well-received, we are keeping this position for the long term.”

Adam Lampert is the founder and CEO of both companies, and he tells us how he kept his residents COVID-free and engaged during the Pandemic:


Manchester Living offers four small, boutique, high-care homes with an extremely low resident to caregiver ratio (four to one). All homes are custom purpose-built with large kitchens, dining and family rooms and huge private suites. 

Cambridge Caregivers provides non-medical caregiving services in the client’s home or wherever the client resides. Almost all caregivers are certified nurse assistants (CNA’s) and all caregivers are full-time employees who have completed extensive training developed by their staff physician. 



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