We May Be In The COVID Home Stretch, But Manchester Plays it Safe With Your Loved Ones

Funny how the best Christmas present you can get this year is a vaccine!

We may be in the home stretch of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it won’t be long before we can return to a somewhat normal way of living our lives, which will include seeing, visiting and HUGGING our elderly loved ones.

Even though the vaccine is rolling out, we still must continue to practice extreme caution with our vulnerable relatives. There is no one who knows that more than Sandi Greenberg, R.N, Director of Nursing at Cambridge Caregivers/Manchester Care Homes.

After all, Sandi is the lady who, merely months on the job, took charge last March and instituted some of the toughest sanitation lockdown & quarantine rules in the business.

Her colleagues may have thought her sanitation standards were extreme, but Sandi held fast, ran as tight of a virus-free ship as she could, and will end 2020 without a single COVID outbreak on any of her properties.

We caught up with Sandi for the whole story:

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